Case Study -Aquila

Implementing the change management module in ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus

Aquila saved money by using the change management module within ServiceDesk Plus instead of using a third-party application.

Air Traffic Management Services company, Aquila, ensures that all military terminal flights are safely and efficiently managed and sequenced for take-off and landing. They had a bespoke change management system in place that required developer time to maintain and was therefore costly in both financial and time terms. The change management process was to fulfil two needs:

  1. Change requests from within the IT department
  2. Change requests from the wider business

Sigma’s Technical Services team, Cloud Know How were asked to configure ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus to optimise change management workflows for future IT and process changes.

The Solution

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus was already in place so it made sense to use the change management module within the product to handle requests, whilst reducing costs and admin overheads. The module is used to record, track and implement IT changes, as well as involve the relevant stakeholders in the process, including the change advisory board (CAB) and decision makers such as the change manager. An IT change could be something as simple as changing a single firewall setting, or as complex as moving from one system to another.

We started by understanding the change life cycle requirements, including processes, people and service level requirements before demonstrating how this could look in the system. The proposed design was reviewed by Aquila’s team before the workflow was tested and delivered.

The work was conducted on-site with full consultation and open communication from the initial briefing to the end of the post-implementation support period.

The Outcome

Aquila now has a fully implemented and customised change management solution on par with considerably more expensive products; their improved internal procedure system allows all future changes to be handled promptly and efficiently, whilst costing less. In addition, further customisation of the system as their processes develop is faster and less costly.

“Sigma provided consultancy for us on implementing the Change Management module of ServiceDesk Plus. The consultant who came on site was friendly and knowledgeable. He has been happy to provide additional help and assistance since the day of the consultancy to get the module up and running.”

– Lilah Turtle, IT Service Manager at Aquila

Industry: Aviation

Location: Fareham, UK

Products: ServiceDesk Plus - Change Management Module

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