Cyber Security

Securing your customers' businesses from cyber-attacks is an ongoing task, not just a tick box.

The internet is inundated with doomsday statistics and risks surrounding cyber security. It can seem overwhelming, causing resellers and their customers to suffer from decision-fatigue on how to protect their businesses from a cyber-attack.

We’ve cut out that noise to deliver honest and pragmatic solutions that give your customers the insight and tools they need to protect their data and wider technical estate. It’s important to remember that cyber criminals become more and more proficient with every attempt. Your customers therefore need to continually update systems and keep re-educating employees.

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Types of cyber-attacks

Are cyber-attacks as high-risk as research suggests?

In short, yes. There are over 2,200 attempted cyber-attacks every day (that’s one every 39 seconds). These attacks are predicted to cost $6trillion in 2021, which has doubled since 2015. It is likely that the dramatic increase is in part a result of the 2020 pandemic, which caused organisations to move to a remote workforce, often without the appropriate protection.   

Cyber-criminals often specialise in various tactics to disarm and exploit vulnerabilities in a business’ software environment and lack of appropriate cyber security processes.



Malicious software (e.g. ransomware, spyware and viruses) activated by clicking a link or opening an attachment. The motive can vary from scrambling data to obtaining sensitive information.

Denial of Service

Denial of Service

Also known as a zombie attack. Entire networks are flooded and are unable to respond to genuine requests. They often target the payment stage of the customer journey.

Man in the Middle

Man in the Middle

An MITM cyber-attack interrupts traffic to filter and steal data. Common attacks are unsecure WiFi networks, sitting between the device and network.



The most common form of social engineering. The motive is often to convince the user to complete an action that will install Malware or provide sensitive information.

SQL Injection

SQL Injection

This cyber-attack installs malicious code into a server that uses SQL. It can be as easy as entering the code into a vulnerable website search box.

Password Attacks

Password Attacks

These cyber-attacks occur through social engineering (convincing a user to share their password), hacking into the Active Directory, or outright guessing.

Don't invite cyber criminals to the party

A security guard’s job is to prevent certain people from getting into the bar. Whether they are too young, have malicious intent, or aren’t on the guest list, bouncers enforce the rules and ensure security.

Cyber security is no different. Networks need to be protected to prevent users accessing explicit content, environments must be protected from malware and ransomware, and sensitive documents need to be hidden from those without clearance.

You wouldn’t rely on the partygoers to manage the front door of a nightclub, so don’t let your customers leave it up to their teams to identify cyber-attacks. Offer them a range of cyber security solutions (security guards) to protect the business and empower IT Teams.

Give your customers the freedom to run their business with peace of mind.

Cyber Security Solutions from our Vendors

Select a vendor and discover what products and resources are available

Blancco Drive Eraser
Adds an extra level of protection to organisations’ endpoint security policies by permanently erasing sensitive data from HDDs and SSDs, including NVMes, in desktop/laptop computers and servers.

Blancco Hardware
The leading solution for onsite data sanitisation requirements and complimentary support. The solutions are designed for high-volume erasure and offer a range of additional benefits, such as tamper-proof erasure reports, scalability and more.

Blancco LUN Eraser
Erases data in active storage environments while allowing the operating system to remain intact. Once the data erasure process is complete, LUNs are immediately available to reuse. This allows organisations to operate with the least amount of system downtime as possible.

Blancco File Eraser
Securely erases sensitive files and folders from PC desktop computers, laptops and servers – either manually or automatically.

Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser
Automatically erases all data when virtual machines are no longer needed. 

Blancco Management Console
Gives organisations the flexibility to integrate with existing systems, manage remote erasures, distribute licenses across global locations and manage users from one central point of control. There is no longer a need to save reports locally and manually track them. 


Blancco data erasure software provides thousands of organisations the tools they need to enable sustainable data sanitisation processes across the widest array of IT assets. By focusing on erasing and reusing assets instead of physically destroying them, organisations can improve their security posture and address corporate social responsibility requirements, while also ensuring compliance with local and global data privacy requirements.

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Complete file management including file encryption to secure information and data, create read-only PDFs and add watermarks. Share large files by email, cloud-services, social media or instant messaging. 



Corel offers a range of high-quality, award-winning products that are easy to learn and use, and help people achieve new levels of productivity. From designing graphics to sharing large files and creating documents, Corel offers solutions to increase creativity, productivity and achieve goals.

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Package applications to work seamlessly in any environment. It also provides unprecedented support for handling vendor setups to prepare applications for custom deployment faster without the need to repackage. This ensures the high security and compliance of all applications.

Software Vulnerability Manager
The heart of SVM is all about Patch Management; the process of making sure that software which is found to have flaws is detected and patched to make sure that particular application or software is as secure as possible.


Flexera delivers IT management solutions that enable enterprises to accelerate the return on their technology investments. They help organisations inform their IT with total visibility into complex hybrid ecosystems, so they can transform their IT by rightsizing across all platforms, reallocating spend, reducing risk and charting the most effective path to the cloud.

In 2020 they introduced a separate entity for their software licensing and compliance division – Revenera.

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Application Manager
Server and application performance monitoring software that helps businesses improve the performance of applications. This is achieved by ensuring servers and applications have high uptime. The application performance management capability includes server monitoring, application server monitoring, database monitoring, web services monitoring, virtualisation monitoring, cloud monitoring and much more.

Cloud Security Plus
This solution combats security concerns listed above and protects the cloud. It gives complete visibility into AWS and Azure cloud infrastructures. The comprehensive reports, easy search mechanism, and customisable alert profiles enable your customers to track, analyse, and react to events happening in cloud environments.

OpManager Plus
A highly scalable IT Operations Management tool that helps large enterprises, service providers and SMEs manage their data centres and IT infrastructure efficiently and cost effectively. It offers network performance monitoring, bandwidth analysis and troubleshooting, network configuration and compliance management, firewall security and IP address and switch port management.

NetFlow Analyzer
A complete traffic analytics tool, that leverages flow technologies to provide real time visibility into the network bandwidth performance. NetFlow Analyzer, primarily a bandwidth monitoring tool, has been optimising thousands of networks across the world by giving a holistic view of network bandwidth and traffic patterns. NetFlow Analyzer is a unified solution that collects, analyses and reports about what your network bandwidth is being used for and by whom.

Network Configuration Manager
A multi-vendor network change, configuration and compliance management (NCCM) solution for switches, routers, firewalls and other network devices. NCM helps automate and take total control of the entire life cycle of device configuration management.

IP address and switch port management software that is geared towards helping engineers efficiently monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot IT resources. OpUtils complements existing management tools by providing trouble shooting and real-time monitoring capabilities. It helps network engineers manage their switches and IP address space with ease.

Firewall Analyzer
Secure your customers network with a firewall rule, configuration and log analysis software.


ManageEngine simplifies IT management with software solutions that are easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy on your budget – no costly consulting fees or over-priced licences. Offering simple, easy-to-use IT Management products at a price that every business can afford. It is thoughtfully built with SMBs in mind and eventually scales for large businesses.

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A secure and segregated cloud platform for businesses to share data, acquire data and collaborate securely in both manual and automated workflows. With simple administration, easy roll-out and proven user take-up, Quatrix allows organisations to easily comply with data security and compliance standards and adhere to corporate data protection and information security policies. 


Maytech is a SaaS first company offering a secure cloud file sharing and storage service. The company is organised and aligned in making it simple and secure for organisations to share their data. Simple to evaluate, provision and onboard users, data workflows are controlled from one place reducing data security threats and improving overall enterprise risk management posture.

An ISO:27001 certified company, Maytech’s products are HIPAA compliant for medical data transfers in the US and are GDPR-compliant in the EU. This incorporates centralised administration, full audit trails and granular user control of file sharing permissions.

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A powerful content filtering platform that categorises over 150 million URLs every day and matches them to over 90 education-specific categories. Analysis is carried out in real-time, filtering out all inappropriate content and safeguarding employees and the business from online threats.

An essential tool for protecting your customers and their remote workers. Compatible with Windows, OSX, Chrome, iOS and Android systems, the software connects to various devices even when they aren’t a part of a Netsweeper filtered network.

A robust monitoring solution that quickly identifies harmful websites and content, working both online and offline. Fully integrated into the main Netsweeper platform, it provides real-time data insights, giving safeguarding officers the resources they need to take action and protect the business and its employees.


Netsweeper’s software solutions enable schools, telecom providers, governments and businesses to create a safer online environment for their internet users. Netsweeper has worked with organisations around the world to protect children from online harmful content and improve digital safety for a billion users worldwide since 1999.

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PRTG Network Monitor
Full-featured and easy-to-use network management software for bandwidth, usage, and availability monitoring. Paessler’s lightweight products make it easy and convenient to manage network availability, performance, and usage without draining valuable system, personnel, and financial resources. 


Paessler offer a complete network monitoring solution to provide peace of mind, confidence and convenience at a price businesses can afford. Paessler allows IT departments to monitor their networks with an all-in-one monitoring solution including flow monitoring, unlimited number of remote probes without the need of complex installation or configuration of add-ons.

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Access Rights Manager (ARM)
Enables IT and Security admins to centrally provision, de-provision, manage and audit user access rights to systems, data and files while protecting their organisations from security breaches and complying with regulatory requirements.

Security Event Manager (SEM)
Offers powerful, affordable and efficient security information and event management (SIEM). This all-in-one SIEM combines log management, correlation, forwarding, reporting, file integrity monitoring, user activity monitoring, USB detection and prevention, threat intelligence, and active response in a virtual appliance that’s easy to deploy, manage, and use.

Patch Manager
Makes it easy to perform 3rd-party patch management across tens of thousands of servers and workstations, and enables users to leverage and extend the capabilities of Microsoft WSUS or SCCM to report, deploy and manage 3rd-party patches as well as Microsoft patches.


SolarWinds offers value-driven products and tools that solve a broad range of IT management challenges – whether those challenges are related to networks, servers, applications, storage or virtualisation. With such a great solution range, it makes putting together packages for your customers really easy, keeping them happy and offering you a great margin.

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Nexus Repository Manager
Serves as the universal local warehouse to efficiently manage and distribute component parts, assemblies, and finished goods across the entire software supply chain.

Nexus Firewall
Allows organisations to ensure that developers are selecting only the highest quality open source components by quarantining non-compliant components and enforcing open source policies during proxy.

Nexus Lifecycle
Empowers developers and security professionals to make safer open source choices across the SDLC, ensuring organisations continue to innovate with less risk.


Sonatype is the leader in developer-friendly, full-spectrum software supply chain management providing organisations total control of their cloud-native development lifecycles, including third-party open source code, first-party source code, infrastructure as code, and containerised code. The company supports 70% of the Fortune 100 and its commercial and open source tools are trusted by 15 million developers around the world. With a vision to transform the way the world innovates, Sonatype helps organisations of all sizes build higher quality software that’s more aligned with business needs, more maintainable, and more secure.

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ApexSQL Audit
Detailed auditing and analysis of what is happening, any changes made and when within SQL Database with out of the box compliance reporting.

ApexSQL Mask
Create classification rules and mask or redact any sensitive data within SQL.

NetVault Back Up
Back up multiple data sources including databases.

Live replication of a data to ensure there is no downtime were a database to be taken offline.

Toad for Oracle Sensitive Data Protection
Discover sensitive data across Oracle Database, report on compliance and set up automation to make sure the database doesn’t accidentally fall out of compliance.

On Demand Audit Hybrid Suite
Enable auditing to deliver compliance across hybrid Microsoft environments, reporting from on-prem AD and extending that to the cloud with Azure AD auditing.

On Demand Recovery Hybrid Suite
Back up and recover with granular detail across the Microsoft environment, back up Teams data and cloud-only attributes such within AzureAD & O365. Extend the power of recovery to On-Prem with Recovery Manager for AD Disaster Recovery Edition for attribute level fast recovery.

NetValut for O365 with QoreStor
Back up and Recover Microsoft 365 quickly and comprehensively, including back up of Exchange Online, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint Online, AD & More. Add Quests Secondary Storage target QoreStor for ground-breaking deduplication, even faster back up speeds due to source side dedupe and added layers of encryption.

Complete Asset Management of devices and the wider IOT, scanning & patching, software asset management, inventory reporting, improve configuration & more.

Desktop Authority
Set & Manage Device & User policies, secure desktops, apply granular configuration and lock down security risks such as unknown USB inputs.


Quest creates software solutions that make the benefits of new technology real in an increasingly complex IT landscape. From database and systems management to Active Directory and Office 365 management, and cyber security resilience, Quest helps customers solve their next IT challenge now. Quest Software - where next meets now.

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