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The education sector has made a massive digital transformation over the past two years, with the preparation for remote learning. A considerable influence in this sector (as in many others) is cloud technology; it is predicted that within higher education the market growth will increase at a rate of 22% in the forecast period 2022-2027, according to The Bite News.

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Cloud Technology in Education

The cloud has become a popular solution for education, whether in primary or higher education and in the workplace.  Some of the benefits of cloud solutions include:  


Online Resources

Online Resources

Educational videos and recorded lessons can be stored for students to use and re-visit. These can be accessed at any time by the student, allowing them to catch up on work easily.

Up-to-date materials

Up-to-date materials

The cost of textbooks often means they are inaccessible for some students. By uploading resources to the cloud, students work with the same, up-to-date information.



For some, attending school is not an option for several reasons. Having resources and classes available online means schools, colleges, or universities can take on more students.



Many education facilities and workplaces are trying to move to a more sustainable way of teaching. Having one space online for all the resources and an area to submit work helps them to become more environmentally friendly.



Cloud technology allows students and staff to access files simultaneously. This means collaboration on projects can happen wherever the user is based, which creates a more efficient process.



Cloud solutions allow education facilities to give access to as many students as they want. Whether your customers have 1 or 1000 users, it is easy to access the cloud and grant access to those who need it, which can significantly reduce costs for educators.


Video Assisted Learning

A new trend in the education sector is video-assisted learning. This way of teaching allows students to learn at their own pace, at any time. This creates a more personalised learning experience, increases motivation and engagement. In other sectors, this could eliminate the need for staff to travel for training days and allow them to do this virtually.

Remote learning

Thanks to online-only universities and the increase of popularity of remote working, elearning was already increasing as a method of training staff and completing courses. During the pandemic, educators and organisations alike were forced to implement universal elearning software, processes and content to ensure the wheels kept turning, even when students could not physically be in a classroom.

This was a pivotal time for elearning and a lot of organisations have chosen to continue with working and learning remotely, whether full or part time.

Therefore, there has never been a better time to introduce your customers to state-of-the-art training software and elearning solutions.


Education Sector Solutions from our Vendors

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Education institutions can improve their productivity and lower the costs of managing the paper produced by students and staff with ABBYY’s recognition technologies and products.

ABBYY FineReader PDF
ABBYY FineReader PDF is an intelligent OCR solution for streamlining document conversion among workgroups in academic environments. Combining unmatched accuracy with ease of use and the ability to automate document conversion, FineReader speeds up document processing.

Case Study: Texthelp and ABBYY Increase the Access to Information for People with Dyslexia or Literacy Difficulties


ABBYY is a global leader in Content IQ – a new class of technologies that helps the digital workforce to understand and interpret enterprise content.

Their offering enables the digital workforce with the necessary skills and understanding to make intelligent business decisions. Solutions such as FineReader PDF 15, FineReader Server and FineReader Pro help your customers to optimise business processes, reduce risk, accelerate decision-making and increase revenue.

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Corel’s design and multimedia products are perfect for any student in these sectors and offer a more cost-effective tools than other brands without compromising on features and outcome. Their office utilities support administrators and faculty to maintain an open and secure communication with students.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite
Find all the professional vector illustration, layout, photo editing and typography tools needed to create and complete important design projects, from virtually any device.

WinZip offers a complete file management, so users can find, open, move and share files from their computer, network or cloud. Easily encrypt files to secure information and data, create read-only PDFs and add watermarks. Share large files by email, cloud-services, social media or instant messaging with WinZip.


Want to try before you buy? Start a free trial of Corel’s products today and use their insightful video tutorials to master the applications and get the most from this opportunity.


Corel offers a range of high-quality, award-winning products that are easy to learn and use, and help people achieve new levels of productivity. From designing graphics to sharing large files and creating documents, Corel offers solutions to increase creativity, productivity and achieve goals.

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Teach with the accessibility tools in Windows 10, Office 365, and apps including Teams, Immersive Reader, Math Tools, Word, Translator, and OneNote.

Creating an online classroom is an important step in moving to a remote learning environment. Microsoft Teams for Education provides an online classroom so students and teachers can find new ways to continue to focus on learning — free for schools and universities.

Office 365
Deliver individualised instruction at scale with easy access to free Office 365 Education and Learning Tools that give students of all abilities independence and the opportunity to learn without stigma.


Microsoft’s platforms and tools cover a whole range of solutions for organisations of all sizes. Whether your customers are looking for a secure and reliable cloud platform, or business tools to enable employees to work how they want, where and when they want – Microsoft has it all.

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Keep all planning activity in one place with MindManager. Flexible mind maps promote freeform thinking and quick organisation of ideas, so creativity and productivity can live in harmony. Start with a central topic and branch off into limitless other topics. It provides a graphical way to capture information, plan essays and lessons and improve revising.

Mindmanager 2020
MindManager 2020 allows students and teachers to access the content they need, when they need it with new mobile viewers, capture tools and enhanced storage integration. Streamline communications and empower teamwork in the classroom with real-time co-editing and content control for teachers. View and share the data with all-new Excel integration. Perfect for schools using Office 365.

Case Studies:

Bunda Mulia school teacher increases grades, reduces prep time with MindManager


Bringing clarity and structure to plans, projects and processes

MindManager’s technology provides users with software that helps organisations engage and encourage individuals to collaborate visually, think creatively and save time by capturing, organising and communicating ideas and information in a multi-dimensional mind map enabling them to manage information, people and projects - all in one place.

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Netsweepers solutions are used by schools and government organisations to create a safer online environment for their users.

nFilter controls an organisation network usage and protects them from threats by managing their internet traffic. The software updates in real-time, protecting them from unwanted web content.

nClient can be installed on various devices and will monitor internet traffic, whether they are connected to a Netsweeper filtered network.


nMonitor is a content monitoring and reporting tool that helps to protect at-risk users. The solution works online and offline, providing valuable insights via in-depth reporting.


Netsweeper’s software solutions enable schools, telecom providers, governments and businesses to create a safer online environment for their internet users. Netsweeper has worked with organisations around the world to protect children from online harmful content and improve digital safety for a billion users worldwide since 1999.

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SolarWinds offer value-driven products and tools that solve a broad range of IT management challenges in all sectors, including education. Challenges could involve networks, servers, applications, storage or virtualisation.

Web Help Desk
An easy-to-use and affordable IT help desk software for K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. Web Help Desk enables users to:

  • Deliver on-time support to students and faculty on campus
  • Establish seamless communication between end-users and IT pros via a centralised Web interface
  • Build a knowledge base to provide self-resolution options to students and other IT end-users
  • Discover and manage all IT assets at all sites and campuses
  • Save considerable time managing tickets and have more time for actual support tasks
  • Improve the productivity and quality of customer support


SolarWinds offers value-driven products and tools that solve a broad range of IT management challenges – whether those challenges are related to networks, servers, applications, storage or virtualisation. With such a great solution range, it makes putting together packages for your customers really easy, keeping them happy and offering you a great margin.

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TechSmith’s products are hugely popular in schools and for elearning, helping to improve communication and understanding, providing more spare time for educators to have one-on-one time with students, delve deeper into the curriculum or better prepare for upcoming lessons.

Screen capture and screen recording

  • Capture images for presentations
  • Create animated GIFs to enhance your content
  • Leverage pre-made templates to create supplemental course materials and handouts

Screen recorder and video editor

  • Use video templates to create polished and elegant content for classes
  • Easily turn PowerPoint presentations into video lessons
  • Edit videos to enhance the power of your content
  • Teachers can easily and quickly create videos that answer specific questions


Free Guide – How to effectively shift to online teaching


TechSmith is the world’s leading provider of screen capture and recording software providing visual communication solutions for businesses and learning environments. These solutions allow anyone to create custom, reusable images and videos and share information that can’t be put into words.

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RealVNCs solution helps educators to collaborate and share resources securely from wherever they are.

VNC Connect
VNC Connect allows students to access school computers and the files on them, without needing to move them from the secure environment.


RealVNC products and services connect people and devices wherever they are, for control, support, administration, monitoring, training, collaboration and more. Save your customers time and money, increase efficiency, reduce risk and create new business opportunities. VNC® Connect covers every remote access use case with a single subscription. No need to buy, deploy, manage and secure separate products or modules.

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