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The UK Public Sector financial year is coming to an end, and you can maximise your sales by offering a range of cost-effective, innovative and proven solutions via Climb. Our vendors cover solutions from automation and cloud migration, to cyber security and hybrid workforces including ABBYY, Quest, Sonatype and more.

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Cloud solutions dominating 2022

Hybrid workforces are now a permanent part of our working lives, and this has drastically changed how businesses function, including the public sector. Leaders trust the cloud now more than ever. It can offer an abundance of security, monitoring and management solutions, which is critical for the public sector because sensitive information is shared via the cloud. As the Public Sector financial year comes to an end, many organisations are focusing on cloud solutions and how they can offer considerable cost and efficiency benefits.

The Top Public Sector Software Trends for 2022

Public sector employees are settling into the cliched ‘new normal’ as they take on hybrid working. As many organisations are dealing with sensitive information daily, it is important to have solutions in place to ensure business can continue as normal and all data is secure in one place.

It has been predicted that in 2022, the following key trends will be a focal point for the public sector:

82% of businesses today prefer to receive information digitally for ease and sustainability. An increase of almost 10% since 2020. Digital automation offers a fast, paperless experience, taking away room for error or delay. Having automated processes in place means public sector organisations will be in a better position to adapt quickly in the event of future unprecedented incidents (such as another global lockdown or future financial and political recovery across the sector).

Vendors: MindManager | ABBYY | ManageEngine

Security has become a hot topic since the start of the pandemic. However, some businesses are still not protecting every element of their network. Gartner predicts that in 2022, organisations will be looking to use a cyber security mesh, which allows the best, stand alone security solutions to work together.

Vendors: Quest | SolarWinds | Sonatype | ManageEngine | Netsweeper | Flexera

Migrations to the cloud have increased dramatically since 2020. It is an essential move for businesses operating a hybrid workforce who deal with incredibly sensitive data and tight deadlines. Gartner has said governments are now rethinking public cloud strategies, in order to bring forward IT modernisation, improve efficiencies and increase data security.

Vendors: Quest | Microsoft | ManageEngine | Maytech

Businesses have had to adapt to remote working, and now it looks like the hybrid workplace is here to stay, even in the public sector. The need for virtual team meetings, remote inspections and online medical consultations means that businesses are looking for long-term digital solutions that allow them to continue working safely and collaboratively.

Vendors: ABBYY | Blancco | MindManager | TechSmith | RealVNC


Public Sector Solutions from our Vendors

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High volumes of paper documents come through public sector organisations including contracts, surveys, tax declarations and voting slips. ABBYY solutions help government organisations move away from the physical paper trail. Achieve the highest levels of security, reliability, scalability and efficiency by automating document driven business processes and eliminating manual labour. With FineReader PDF and FineReader PDF Server, users can compare digital documents for signing contracts or sending out information.

ABBYY FineReader PDF
More than a comprehensive PDF Tool – supported by ABBYY’s extraordinary OCR features, it facilitates seamless digital workflows for documents of different types and origin on every Windows desktop. It provides powerful, yet easy to use tools to access and modify information locked in paper-based documents and PDFs.

ABBYY FineReader PDF Server
A document conversion server that automatically converts paper, images and electronic documents and saves them as compressed archived compliant files, such as PDF and PDF/A, Microsoft Word or other formats. This allows businesses to search the files and use them for long-term retention, collaboration and additional processing.


ABBYY is a global leader in Content IQ – a new class of technologies that helps the digital workforce to understand and interpret enterprise content.

Their offering enables the digital workforce with the necessary skills and understanding to make intelligent business decisions. Solutions such as FineReader PDF 15, FineReader Server and FineReader Pro help your customers to optimise business processes, reduce risk, accelerate decision-making and increase revenue.

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Public sector organisations deal with sensitive information daily, so it is important that when they need to be erased, it is done in a secure way. Blancco’s solutions can help your public sector customers sustainably erase any data, improving their security and complying with company and government requirements.

Blancco Drive Eraser
Drive Eraser allows organisations to securely erase sensitive data, whilst also protecting their endpoints and permanently erasing sensitive data from hardrives, solid state drives and NVMes, in desktop/laptops and servers.

Blancco LUN Eraser
It is important for public sector organisations to have very little disruption to their working day. LUN eraser allows the IT team to erase data in active storage environments while the operating system continues running. Once the operation is complete the LUNs are immediately available for use again.

Blancco Hardware
It’s not only the devices that need to be erased, some organisations use loose drives and drive enclosures. Blancco hardware provides the solution for onsite sanitisation, using a quick but efffective process.

Blancco File Eraser
Blancco File Eraser securely erases files and folders with sensitive information, from PCs, laptops and servers, manually or automatically. This solution complies with the strictest requirements, ensuring all sensitive data has been permanently removed.


Blancco data erasure software provides thousands of organisations the tools they need to enable sustainable data sanitisation processes across the widest array of IT assets. By focusing on erasing and reusing assets instead of physically destroying them, organisations can improve their security posture and address corporate social responsibility requirements, while also ensuring compliance with local and global data privacy requirements.

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Public Sector organisations often have to work with a limited budget. Corel offers a portfolio of great solutions for the public sector from PDF tools to Graphic Design Programs at an affordable price.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite
The West Haven Police Department uses CorelDRAW to present evidence in court. For them it simplifies their job of presenting evidence in an understandable way to the jury. They use it to show crime scene set ups, change the quality of photos for a photo line-up and fingerprint analysis. They like how intuitive it is to use and are always commanded for their high-quality evidence presentation.

PDF Fusion
Public Sector organisations departments require a low-cost tool for creating and editing PDF files that doesn’t demand intense user training. PDF Fusion is a simple to use solution that can assemble, edit and create PDFs. It opens more than 100 different file types and can take pages from multiple files and create a single PDF file.

WinZip offers a complete file management, so users can find, open, move and share files from their computer, network or cloud. Easily encrypt files to secure information and data, create read-only PDFs and add watermarks. Share large files by email, cloud-services, social media or instant messaging with WinZip.

WordPerfect is an all-in-one office suite with built-in PDF functionality, SharePoint integration and Microsoft Office compatibility. It delivers the compatibility, power, and affordability organisations in the public sector need to be successful.


Corel offers a range of high-quality, award-winning products that are easy to learn and use, and help people achieve new levels of productivity. From designing graphics to sharing large files and creating documents, Corel offers solutions to increase creativity, productivity and achieve goals.

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Flexera is an industry-leading vendor in market research for migration, cyber security and patching vulnerabilities through the acquisition of Secunia in 2015. The nature of the public sector budget allocation means that every penny must be spent wisely while ensuring the highest levels of security and expertise. Flexera’s products ensure automated software management from monitoring to installing, updating, and patching.

The City of Oklahoma chose AdminStudio to automate application readiness for application migrations. The local government organisation saved time and reduced costs to prepare applications for migration. Packaging time was cut from 50-man hours to two – more than a 95% reduction in man hours per application. This translates roughly to $1,300 savings in staff time for each application, and $97,000 for their entire Windows Migration. AdminStudio also automated the process to convert applications to the App-V format.

Software Vulnerability Manager
Flexera’s Software Vulnerability Management tools allows North East Lincolnshire Council to do more with its limited resources giving their IT department complete visibility over the applications that are in use and their vulnerabilities. As a result, it was possible to identify which applications needed to be patched and which should be completely removed. SVM can benefit all public sector companies by cutting costs usually allocated to manually updating and patching software, freeing up budget to be allocated elsewhere.


Flexera delivers IT management solutions that enable enterprises to accelerate the return on their technology investments. They help organisations inform their IT with total visibility into complex hybrid ecosystems, so they can transform their IT by rightsizing across all platforms, reallocating spend, reducing risk and charting the most effective path to the cloud.

In 2020 they introduced a separate entity for their software licensing and compliance division – Revenera.

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Whether users are spread across buildings, cities, or countries, service delivery can be difficult, to say the least. As public sector institutions begin to fully utilise online self-service options, services need to be available around the clock.

Commit to uninterrupted IT and eliminate the risk of downtime. ManageEngine ensures complete control over your IT infrastructure and helps you deliver the best possible service experience for the public.

ServiceDesk Plus
ServiceDesk Plus is a game changer in turning IT teams from daily firefighting to delivering awesome customer service. It provides great visibility and central control in dealing with IT issues to ensure that businesses suffer no downtime.

ADSelfService Plus
ADSelfService Plus is an integrated self-service Active Directory password management and single sign-on solution. Arguably the industry’s most feature-rich solution, ADSelfService Plus supports both on-premises Active Directory and cloud applications for password management.


ManageEngine simplifies IT management with software solutions that are easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy on your budget – no costly consulting fees or over-priced licences. Offering simple, easy-to-use IT Management products at a price that every business can afford. It is thoughtfully built with SMBs in mind and eventually scales for large businesses.

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Government organisations use Maytech services to share data with counterparties and to acquire data from external organisations and the public. Data transfer for government and public services Maytech provide a cloud platform that allows secure and reliable data transfer for the public sector.

All Maytech’s government file transfer products feature central administrative controls, full audit trails and end-to-end encryption providing full control and visibility of data for data owners. They comply with international standards including PCI-DSS and EU Data Protection.

Quatrix is an easy-to-use product that enables secure file access, sharing and storage; it provides a full range of features to meet any need. It allows IT leaders to easily comply with data security and compliance standards and adhere to corporate data protection and information security policies – essential in today’s world. Quatrix has simple administration, easy roll-out, easy setup and guaranteed user take up with enterprise-level security standards.


Maytech is a SaaS first company offering a secure cloud file sharing and storage service. The company is organised and aligned in making it simple and secure for organisations to share their data. Simple to evaluate, provision and onboard users, data workflows are controlled from one place reducing data security threats and improving overall enterprise risk management posture.

An ISO:27001 certified company, Maytech’s products are HIPAA compliant for medical data transfers in the US and are GDPR-compliant in the EU. This incorporates centralised administration, full audit trails and granular user control of file sharing permissions.

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Public sector organisations are making the move to the cloud as they introduce hybrid workforces. Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding cloud computing service, helping organisations meet their business needs.

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform which allows organisations to build cloud-connected mobile experiences, modernise applications and develop apps on a global network using their frameworks.


Microsoft’s platforms and tools cover a whole range of solutions for organisations of all sizes. Whether your customers are looking for a secure and reliable cloud platform, or business tools to enable employees to work how they want, where and when they want – Microsoft has it all.

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Visually present ideas and information for clear communication and increased productivity within teams. MindManager simplifies the way users process and manage information by turning scattered ideas and data into clear visual maps that are easy to build, organise, evolve and share.

MindManager for Enterprise
A one-stop solution to help teams collaborate more efficiently on projects. MindManager for Enterprise integrates with Microsoft SharePoint, Office and Project to enable team members to operate from a single portal that saves time, prevents redundancy and supports accuracy.


Bringing clarity and structure to plans, projects and processes

MindManager’s technology provides users with software that helps organisations engage and encourage individuals to collaborate visually, think creatively and save time by capturing, organising and communicating ideas and information in a multi-dimensional mind map enabling them to manage information, people and projects - all in one place.

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Netsweepers solutions are used by schools and government organisations to create a safer online environment for their users.

nFilter manages an organisation’s internet traffic to protect them from threats. The software updates in real-time, protecting its users from unwanted content, maximising efficiency and productivity.

nClient software can be installed on various devices and it will monitor the internet traffic on them, whether they’re connected to a Netsweeper filtered network or not.

nMonitor helps to protect at-risk employees by monitoring and reporting on content. The software will work both offline and online, providing valuable information through in-depth reports into potentially harmful activities.


Netsweeper’s software solutions enable schools, telecom providers, governments and businesses to create a safer online environment for their internet users. Netsweeper has worked with organisations around the world to protect children from online harmful content and improve digital safety for a billion users worldwide since 1999.

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The Paessler solution, PRTG, helps public sector organisations to monitor all systems, devices, traffic and applications of their IT infrastructure.

PRTG Network Monitor
For the city of Airdrie it is not just important to maintain and secure networks and contain costs, but they also deal with an added element of urgency as their networks encompass financial and management systems for first responders. They chose PRTG Network Monitor due to its ability to fully address their needs, its highly intuitive, easily customisable and user-friendly interface; the flexibility of its web-based deployment; the number of sensors PRTG offers and its seamless use with mobile devices.


Paessler offer a complete network monitoring solution to provide peace of mind, confidence and convenience at a price businesses can afford. Paessler allows IT departments to monitor their networks with an all-in-one monitoring solution including flow monitoring, unlimited number of remote probes without the need of complex installation or configuration of add-ons.

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SmartBear offers public sector organisations cost effective solutions that provide great testing capabilities for applications. Easy to use and implement, these tools give teams the solutions they need to make sure their applications can run 24/7 without interruption, which is especially important in the public sector.

ReadyAPI Test
A government agency was looking for a new set of tools for testing API functions and load testing. Their main concerns were usability of the tools and simple access for remote workers. They decided to use SmartBear’s ReadyAPI Test as it’s user-friendly, cost effective solutions that were easy to adapt by their employees and saved them time by automating the creation of service tests.

A federal agency in the US had a new software development project coming up with a limited budget. They were looking for solutions that could retain the capabilities of the previous application testing tools and give the team the agency software development team the ability to view all test cases in one system. They decided on SmartBear TestComplete, which cost a lot less than the old solutions and work with different programming languages and from any browser.


SmartBear offers software tools for development, testing, and operations teams to deliver high quality software. They have solutions for code review, API and UI testing, and monitoring across mobile, web and desktop applications, equipping the team for every stage of the software cycle.

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SolarWinds provides IT management and monitoring solutions to numerous public-sector IT challenges, including continuous monitoring, cybersecurity, network operations, compliance, data centre consolidation, cloud computing and mobile workforce and devices.

Network Performance Monitor with Network Traffic Analyzer
The Orion Network Performance Monitor solution by SolarWinds has helped the U.S. Marine Corps to view their network in real-time and proactively troubleshoot issues, saving them time and effort and ensuring that the right data gets to the right people without any issues.


SolarWinds offers value-driven products and tools that solve a broad range of IT management challenges – whether those challenges are related to networks, servers, applications, storage or virtualisation. With such a great solution range, it makes putting together packages for your customers really easy, keeping them happy and offering you a great margin.

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Many public sector organisations create their own software using open-source code. Sonatype’s solutions ensure the used open-source code has no known vulnerabilities that could affect the security of the solutions.

Nexus Firewall
Nexus Firewall gives organisations the comfort of knowing that developers are using the highest quality open source components. This solution isolates non-compliant components and enforces open source policies.

Nexus Container
Nexus Container provides full life cycle security for kubernetes-native containers. This is the only solution with behavioural inspection that can identify all network traffic at Layer 7.


Sonatype is the leader in developer-friendly, full-spectrum software supply chain management providing organisations total control of their cloud-native development lifecycles, including third-party open source code, first-party source code, infrastructure as code, and containerised code. The company supports 70% of the Fortune 100 and its commercial and open source tools are trusted by 15 million developers around the world. With a vision to transform the way the world innovates, Sonatype helps organisations of all sizes build higher quality software that’s more aligned with business needs, more maintainable, and more secure.

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TechSmith offers solutions to create process documentation and training material and help with clear communication across departments and offices. The tools offer cost reductions as training materials only need to be created once and clearer communication saves time.

Snagit is the leading screen capture solution that offers an easy way to edit images, create step-by-step instructions and long-lasting content. It offers tools for clear communication and creating and sharing visuals for training, documentation, marketing, sales and more.

Camtasia gives users the ability to create professional videos that help train, teach and sell without any formal training. Easily enhance videos with easy-to-use editing tools and share them with colleagues, students or clients.


TechSmith is the world’s leading provider of screen capture and recording software providing visual communication solutions for businesses and learning environments. These solutions allow anyone to create custom, reusable images and videos and share information that can’t be put into words.

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State and local government IT departments face pressure to do more with less. Agencies focus on consolidating and migrating legacy systems, staying ahead of cybersecurity threats and maintaining compliance. Keeping critical systems for public safety running 24/7 is another priority.

Quest solutions can help Public Sector organisations overcome the limitations of native tools by automating and simplifying security, management and migration in your Microsoft and database environments.

Active Directory security
Secure on-premises or hybrid Active Directory environments with Quest solutions that help assess permissions continuously to identify threats, detect and alert on suspicious activity, remediate and mitigate unauthorised actions and investigate and recover from cybersecurity breaches.

Governance, Risk and Compliance
Quest solutions for public sector can help continually assess, monitor, govern and control Microsoft systems. Ensure visibility into an environment, simplify compliance reporting, and automate processes to reduce the risk of data breaches, failed audits and system downtime.

Microsoft Migration and Consolidation
With resource and budget constraints, as well as the risks and limitations of legacy infrastructure, public sector organisations need a cost-efficient platform that reduces their IT footprint and improves security posture. Quest’s solutions ensure a ZeroIMPACT migration for Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Office 365. Simplify and automate migration tasks so projects can finish faster while minimising the costs, risk and disruption to users.


Quest creates software solutions that make the benefits of new technology real in an increasingly complex IT landscape. From database and systems management to Active Directory and Office 365 management, and cyber security resilience, Quest helps customers solve their next IT challenge now. Quest Software - where next meets now.

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Real VNCs solution helps public sector employees stay connected wherever they are, for support, admin, training, collaboration and more.

VNC Connect
VNC Connect allows people to access their own devices remotely, increasing productivity wherever they are, collaborate with their team and increase customer satisfaction through increased efficiency.


RealVNC products and services connect people and devices wherever they are, for control, support, administration, monitoring, training, collaboration and more. Save your customers time and money, increase efficiency, reduce risk and create new business opportunities. VNC® Connect covers every remote access use case with a single subscription. No need to buy, deploy, manage and secure separate products or modules.

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