Sumo Logic Partner Opportunity


The Sumo Logic Partner Opportunity

Partnering with Sumo Logic can empower your business to offer cloud-native log management and analytics solutions to your customers. By leveraging Sumo Logic's scalable & secure platform, you can enhance your customers' operational efficiency, enable data-driven decision-making, and position yourself as a trusted advisor in helping them navigate the complexities of modern IT environments. This partnership opens doors to new revenue streams and rewards, while gaining a competitive edge with a technology that seamlessly integrates into diverse environments, ensuring your customers stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

We want to take you through the benefits of adding Sumo Logic to your portfolio and how much this technology can make a difference to your business and to your customers.

Who are Sumo Logic?

Sumo Logic's SaaS log analytics platform helps customers to build reliable and secure experiences of cloud-native apps. The unified platform enables customers to collect and manage huge amounts of log data in one place. The modern solution helps to break down silos to get relevant business insights, improve monitoring & troubleshooting and increase the security posture of a business.


Why Partner with Sumo Logic?

Robust profits

20%+ margin on partner
sourced opportunities

Strong Annuity Stream:
Partners maintain margin profile on

Professional Services
“wrapper”: Leverage
co-managed solutions


Committed to leading with our
Partners as we address a
$50B TAM

Dedicated Sumo resources for
authorised partners

AWS ISV Partner of the year in
2021: CPPO option for your
AWS customer

Time to value

100% SaaS - no HW to ship, no
SW to upgrade and maintain

Business Value team to help
demonstrate the benefits and
savings of Sumo Logic

Tools and resources to help you
quickly identify great prospect


To make it simple for our Partners to sell Sumo Logic we have split our offering into 3 categories with bundles:

Cloud Security Analytics Audit and Compliance

Are your customers talking to you about…

  • Compliance complexity – due to multiple tools and disparate data sources across different cloud and on- prem environments, apps and tools
  • Expensive data retention, especially if customers are storing more data than necessary due to lack of visibility of regulated data
  • Lengthy time spent by (expensive) auditors to review regulated data
  • Lack of resources and expertise across the organisation to gather evidence
  • Lack continuous monitoring of security controls

Log Analytics

Are your customers talking to you about…

  • Log data is growing faster than ever before
  • The need to support on-premises log management software and storage is a burden
  • Analysing and getting useful insights from all log data is difficult
  • They have no “complete view” due to siloed log sources and missing data
  • No way to tie application performance to business impact

Cloud Security and Analytics Data Lake

Are your customers talking to you about…

  • How to manage their data more effectively: Security logs and event data are spread across disparate systems/tools 
  • Lack of visibility: The organisation is unable to derive insights from their heterogeneous data
  • High costs: Storing the high volume of data necessary for audit/compliance and extensive threat investigation is too expensive 

Earn more with Sumo Logic Rewards

Special incentives are in place to help you earn more with Sumo Logic. You can help more customers deliver reliable and secure digital experiences with the help of this cloud-native platform.

*Incentives to be paid out to all partner sourced qualified New Business Deal Registrations to Sumo Logic, 2/1/2023- 1/31/2024. Sumo Logic has the right to modify or terminate this incentive program at any time. To complete your certification visit

PayoutHow to win
Pre-reqGet Sumo Certified with a
Sumo Logic Accreditation Course
$250Deal reg accepted
$1,500POV Complete- Payout to Partner SA
$2,000Deal closed > $25K TCV
$10,000Deal closed > $100K TCV
$15,000Deal closed > $550K TCV

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