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Quest and Microsoft extend agreement

Quest has signed an extended partnership agreement with Microsoft, committing to the Microsoft partner ecosystem. This agreement continues the alliance and gives Quest visibility to align their product enhancements and innovation to Microsoft’s bets and initiatives – positioning Quest at the forefront of accelerating Quest’s and Microsoft’s customers’ digital transformation.

You can find out more about the Microsoft and Quest partnership in Level 1.


Security in the connected workplace

As Cyber Security Awareness Month comes to an end, there are still Ransomware and cyberattacks in the nightly news, with 69% of businesses suffering an attack in 2020 alone, leading to an average downtime of 21 days.

Quest is a leader in software solutions that help detect, defend against and recover any destructive cyberattacks. Quest helps organisations complement and protect critical apps and services, including Active Directory accounts and Microsoft 365 resources. In comparison to other companies, Quest provides a complete and continuous cyber resilience lifecycle that provides defence in depth across many layers:

  • Identify – Right size access and permissions with proactive vulnerability and risk assessment
  • Protect- Remediate vulnerabilities, mitigate risk and ultimately limit the potential impact of a cyber event with automated security governance and administration
  • Detect – Sound the alarm faster on suspicious activity with real-time auditing, anomaly detection and alerting.
  • Respond – Rapidly respond before damage spreads with Bing-like search and forensic investigation.
  • Recover – Back up AD and quickly recover from any disaster.

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Climb Channel Solutions provides an accurate, efficient and competitive service across a diverse range of every day, business-critical and emerging vendors.

Climb has been a Quest Distributor for 13 years in the UK and Ireland. Partners benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the Quest portfolio and the support we can offer for licensing queries and opportunity scoping.