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When you own a car there are many things to consider, from making sure that it’s roadworthy to keeping it taxed and insured, and when the time comes finding something better.

It’s the same when you have an IT estate to manage.

Do you have customers that want to make better use of their existing Microsoft estate? Or move to the cloud from their on-premises solution? Partner with us, as a Microsoft Indirect Provider we can fulfil your customers’ technical needs and win you new business.


Checks + Assessment

Checks and assessments

To keep it on the road your car needs to pass its yearly MOT and if you drive it a lot it might also need a service to check the peripherals are in good working order. Without these checks your car wouldn’t keep you and everyone else on the road safe.

It might be that it only needs some new tyres and an oil change and you’re good to go. Or some real dangers could be highlighted. It’s the same premise with our Health Checks and Cost Analysis Assessments.

Get roadworthy with Climb

We check your customer’s existing Azure environment and make recommendations on where best practice can be implemented. We’ll highlight any areas for cost savings and security issues that need to be remediated.

These health check and assessment services are the perfect way to provide your customers already on the cloud with additional value and highlight complementary products and services that in the long-term will save them time and money.

Upgrade + Migrate
Monitoring Services

Our Microsoft Indirect Reseller Programme

As your Indirect Provider we’re the garage, insurance company, DVLA and roadside recovery all in one. Come to us for sales enablement resources, to buy and provision licences, source value-added services to help you win business and much more.

Becoming a Microsoft Indirect Reseller with us is an easy way to boost your cloud resale business. With our commercial and technical expertise in Microsoft and a wide range of complimentary vendors and services, we are here to support you and your customers every step of the way.


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