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Blancco data erasure software provides thousands of organisations the tools they need to enable sustainable data sanitisation processes across the widest array of IT assets. By focusing on erasing and reusing assets instead of physically destroying them, organisations can improve their security posture and address corporate social responsibility requirements, while also ensuring compliance with local and global data privacy requirements.


Blancco Drive Eraser

Blancco Drive Eraser adds an extra level of protection to organisations’ endpoint security policies by permanently erasing sensitive data from HDDs and SSDs, including NVMes, in desktop/laptop computers and servers. Their secure overwriting process sanitises data on a wide variety of storage devices so organisations can safely resell, re-purpose or dispose of these assets at end-of-life.

Blancco Hardware

Blancco Hardware provides the most trusted solution for onsite data sanitisation requirements using a quick and effective process – along with complimentary support. The solutions are designed for high-volume erasure and offer a range of additional benefits, such as tamper-proof erasure reports, scalability and more.

Blancco LUN Eraser

Blancco LUN Eraser erases data in active storage environments while allowing the operating system to remain intact. Once the data erasure process is complete, LUNs are immediately available to reuse. This allows organisations to operate with the least amount of system downtime as possible. Blancco LUN Eraser supports the broadest platforms (Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac OS) and runs from WinPE to target based on specific organisational data policy requirements. 

Blancco File Eraser

Blancco File Eraser can securely erase sensitive files and folders from PC desktop computers, laptops and servers – either manually or automatically. While typical file shredding or wiping software may delete some data, Blancco File Eraser securely erases files and folders to comply with the most stringent requirements to ensure that any sensitive data has been securely and permanently removed, certified by most regulatory bodies—including Common Criteria—and verified with a 100% tamper-proof report. 

Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser

Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser automatically erases all data when virtual machines are no longer needed. With highly flexible deployment options, organisations can choose between erasing data from standalone machines or target specific virtual machines with command lines on the hypervisor layer.  Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser supports the greatest number of hypervisors across VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle Virtual Box and virtual hard disks formatted for VMDK, VHDX, VDI and OVF.

Blancco Management Console

Blancco Management Console gives organisations the flexibility to integrate with existing systems, manage remote erasures, distribute licenses across global locations and manage users from one central point of control. There is no longer a need to save reports locally and manually track them. Different levels of access can be provided for different users, and reports can be viewed by compliance teams at any time for auditing purposes.

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