The #1 Microsoft 365 management Platform

CoreView is the #1 Microsoft 365 management platform for IT teams who are transforming the way they run their Microsoft 365 stack. CoreView delivers a unified approach to delegated administration and automated governance with capabilities far beyond native tools or point products. Organisations of all sizes choose CoreView to control costs, optimise administration, resolve security and compliance issues, and empower their IT teams and workforce.


Automated Governance

CoreView helps you get Microsoft 365 under control by providing automated monitoring and response capabilities you won't find in the native admin tools. CoreView can help you monitor and alert IT admins if something unusual occurs, ensure ongoing compliance with both internal and external policies and regulations and prevent future security threats by automating resolution.

Delegated Administration

Offload up to 30% of IT tasks by delegating Microsoft 365 administration – while maintaining full oversight and consistency. CoreView’s Virtual Tenants allow you to create dynamic segments within your centralised Microsoft tenant and assign very specific admin capabilities layer by layer - so you can offload tasks without compromising security or losing control.


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