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IDERA designs powerful software with one goal in mind – to solve customers’ most complex challenges with elegant solutions. They don’t abide by the belief that a professional must sacrifice powerful features and quality for fast time to value and ease of use. With IDERA, your customers really can have it all. Their unique DNA is reinforced by a user community of nearly 100,000 databases and IT professionals who use and evangelise their tools. From their award-winning SQL Server database solutions to multi-platform database, application and cloud monitoring tools, IDERA ensures your customers' business never slows down.

SQL Server Monitoring

SQL Diagnostic Manager Helps IT Teams Monitor SQL Server Activity.

Performance Monitoring
Know at a glance the real-time availability, health, and performance of your SQL Server instances. Spot issues fast with metrics analysis across hundreds of instances. Generate reports from your SQL Server database to stay apprised of health and performance.

Get SQL Server monitoring alerts customized for your industry and your enterprise. Choose from over 100 predefined alert settings based on industry best practices. Modify your configuration settings for greater flexibility and optimization.

Diagnostics and Analytics
View locks, blocks, and deadlocks. For easy problem identification and resolution, view the complete blocking chain by identifying real-time and historical session locks, blocks, bottlenecks, and deadlocks.

SQL Compliance Manager

Monitor, audit, and alert on user activity and data change for airtight database security.

Configurable Settings
Reduce data collection, transmission, and storage overhead with powerful filtering capabilities that enable you to collect only the data that is important for audit and compliance.

Powerful Auditing
Perform comprehensive auditing of SQL Server data changes and database events, including trace events, extended events, and audit logs.

Flexible Alerts
Define rules to receive immediate notification, with customizable alerts for more than 200 specific SQL Server Event types that can be stored in the audit repository, emailed directly to a user, or written to an event log.

Database Security

See who has access to what and how permissions are granted with SQL Secure.

Powerful Security Model Analyses
Gather a complete picture of the security of your SQL Server, Amazon RDS for SQL Server, and Azure SQL databases, whether deployed on physical, virtual, or cloud hosts, with the in-depth analysis and reporting tools provided by SQL Secure.

Regulatory Policy Templates
Use the IDERA and industry standard policy templates to harden your SQL Server security model.

Continuous Change Monitoring
SQL Secure provides the ability to capture snapshots of the security model on a regularly scheduled or ad-hoc basis in order to identify changes to access rights and security settings.

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