Secure cloud file sharing for professional data transfer

Maytech is a SaaS first company offering a secure cloud file sharing and storage service. The company is organised and aligned in making it simple and secure for organisations to share their data. Simple to evaluate, provision and onboard users, data workflows are controlled from one place reducing data security threats and improving overall enterprise risk management posture.

An ISO:27001 certified company, Maytech’s products are HIPAA compliant for medical data transfers in the US and are GDPR-compliant in the EU. This incorporates centralised administration, full audit trails and granular user control of file sharing permissions.



Quatrix is a secure and segregated cloud platform for businesses to share data, acquire data and collaborate securely in both manual and automated workflows. With simple administration, easy roll-out and proven user take-up, Quatrix allows organisations to easily comply with data security and compliance standards and adhere to corporate data protection and information security policies.

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At Climb, we work with you on supporting your customers. We know that time is valuable, so we put together solution showcases that give you a range of cross-sell opportunities depending on what your customers are working on or which sector they fit in. So, if your customers are asking for a specific product, find out what project they’re working on and not only increase your margin but also improve your relationship with your customers.

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Climb and Maytech have a global partner agreement that offers our reseller partners demand generation and pre-sales support, as well as preferential pricing, a first for Maytech. Our team has experience with secure file transfer sales and can advise you and your customers on licenses to secure the sale.

Rod McVeigh is our specialist Business Development Manager for Maytech. He has in-depth knowledge of the Maytech solution and can support any licensing and product queries.

Get in touch with him today by filling in the form or giving him a call on +44 (0) 1364 655 200

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