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MindManager is now part of the Alludo family.

Bringing clarity and structure to plans, projects and processes

MindManager’s technology provides users with software that helps organisations engage and encourage individuals to collaborate visually, think creatively and save time by capturing, organising and communicating ideas and information in a multi-dimensional mind map enabling them to manage information, people and projects - all in one place.


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Use Cases

Task & Project Management

A key tool for project planning and task management. It acts as a visual front-end for creative planning and provides an overview of all details.

Process Visualisation

MindManager offers flexible diagram types and dynamic illustration options that can be used across process methods and combined if required.

Brainstorming / Free thinking

MindManager supports the creative brainstorming process and assists with thinking and understanding. This allows for better decision-making and problem-solving.

Information & Knowledge Management

The right solution to simplify information and knowledge management within teams and within the company. Information and knowledge are placed in an easy-to-understand way and available centrally at any time.

Business Planning

It facilitates business planning with the hierarchical branch structure. It can hold budget plans, discussion notes, decision-making processes, scoreboards and more.

Innovation and Collaboration

Companies and individuals around the world use MindManager’s powerful built-in collaboration capabilities to build strategic plans, run effective meetings, hold insightful brainstorming sessions, manage projects and succeed with almost any business or personal productivity challenge.

Compare FeaturesPerpetualProfessional
Multiple diagram types and layouts
Template library
Themes and customisation
Project planning and task managementAdvancedAdvancedAdvanced
Multiple viewing modes
Publishing and sharing of published maps

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At Climb, we work with you on supporting your customers. We know that time is valuable, so we put together solution showcases that give you a range of cross-sell opportunities depending on what your customers are working on or which sector they fit in. So, if your customers are asking for a specific product, find out what project they’re working on and not only increase your margin but also improve your customer service.

Why work with Climb

Climb is the exclusive distributor and gold partner for government and commercial licences for MindManager in the UK and Ireland. We work closely with MindManager to provide you with the best support pricing available.

Our in-house MindManager Business Development Manager, Ben Kohary, has in-depth knowledge of MindManager and the licences available to your customers. He can support you in deciding which licence is best for the end-user and support you in promoting the MindManager offering.

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