Nethopper is a software as a service company with a mission to make cloud-native applications easy to operate. Nethopper is pioneering Kubernetes Application Operations (KAOps), built for DevOps. Today’s DevOps teams spend most of their time, energy, and money ‘operating’ applications, when all the business value is derived from ‘developing’ new features. Nethopper is changing this balance by reducing operational complexity and cost, while increasing security, robustness, and cloud portability. With its KAOps as a service, Nethopper pre-integrates the core open-source software components needed to operate a Kubernetes application, such as continuous delivery (CD) GitOps, application service networking and security, monitoring, and alerts. Nethopper’s KAOps is the easiest way to operate applications across all your private, hybrid, or multi-clouds.


Nethopper Kubernetes Application Operations (KAOps) as a Service

Nethopper KAOps is a pre-integrated software stack that is running in the cloud and is ready for consumption by Application DevOps teams everywhere. Nethopper KAOps’ innovative approach seamlessly combines best-of-breed open-source tools, like Kubernetes Packager, Observability, Continuous Delivery, Security (Service Mesh), Infrastructure as a Code, and Multi-Cloud Networking. With Nethopper’s KAOps as a service, you don’t need to hire multiple teams to download, create and invent (and then forever support) your own stack. KAOps works with all your private- and public-clouds and Kubernetes distributions, giving you ‘cloud portability’ - or the freedom to choose and change your Cloud and Kubernetes providers. Key functionality includes:

  • Multi-Cloud Application Networking: functions as an overlay network that is aware of all your application containers in all your clouds (clusters), and can securely distribute, connect, balance, and monitor all the communication. It also enables you to achieve geo-scale, and redundancy for your applications and/or distributed databases.
  • ArgoCD GitOps: enables continuous delivery of your applications to one or more clouds under source control. ArgoCD GitOps is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to manage Kubernetes application delivery, allowing you to audit your application upgrades under source control, and fallback to early versions, when necessary.

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