Making the internet a safer place to learn, work and play

Netsweeper’s software solutions enable schools, telecom providers, governments and businesses to create a safer online environment for their internet users. Netsweeper has worked with organisations around the world to protect children from online harmful content and improve digital safety for a billion users worldwide since 1999.



nFilter controls network usage and protects organisations from threats by managing their internet traffic. The Netsweeper platform is updated in real-time and protects users from unwanted web content, blocks web threats and enforces acceptable corporate use policies, allowing organisations to maximise efficiency and productivity.


Netsweeper nClient can be installed on Windows, OSX, Chrome, iOS, and Android devices, and will monitor internet traffic on those devices even when they are not connected to a Netsweeper filtered network.


nMonitor is a powerful content monitoring and reporting platform that helps protect at-risk employees. It works both online and offline, scanning internet content, desktop content and user-submitted data in real time. It further provides valuable insights via in-depth reporting into potentially harmful activities that previously went undetected.


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