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Paessler offer a complete network monitoring solution to provide peace of mind, confidence and convenience at a price businesses can afford. Paessler allows IT departments to monitor their networks with an all-in-one monitoring solution including flow monitoring, unlimited number of remote probes without the need of complex installation or configuration of add-ons.


PRTG Network Monitor

Full-featured and easy-to-use network management software for bandwidth, usage, and availability monitoring. Paessler’s lightweight products make it easy and convenient to manage network availability, performance, and usage without draining valuable system, personnel, and financial resources. 

More than 150,000 administrators rely on PRTG Network Monitor every day to monitor their LANs, WANs, servers, websites, appliances, URLs, and more. 


At Climb, we work with you on supporting your customers. We know that time is valuable, so we put together solution showcases that give you a range of cross-sell opportunities depending on what your customers are working on or which sector they fit in. So, if your customers are asking for a specific product, find out what project they’re working on and not only increase your margin but also improve your relationship with your customers.

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The Climb team has knowledge and experience in selling network performance monitoring tools and can support you and your customers with questions around the solution, as well as licensing queries.

Climb’s dedicated team are here to help you, the reseller, with scoping opportunities, product positioning, quoting and closing deals.

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