Radically simplify and secure your unstructured data.

Panzura is an award-winning, hybrid, multi-cloud, end-to-end data management platform. They provide unstructured data mobility, access, security, and control through a single, global file system—native to the cloud—to fuel business innovation.


Smart Apps

Next-generation data management capabilities, enabling consolidation, simplification, and advanced ransomware protection eliminating the need for insecure 3rd party applications and services.

Data Services

Data services gives you complete visibility, always-on governance, and real-time metadata access, all from one unified data management dashboard. Invest in efficiency  — and save thousands of IT hours as a result.

CloudFS Global File System

CloudFS global file system gives you the ability to access any file from anywhere, at any time. It coordinates where files are stored, what is sent to the cloud, who has editing and access rights and more!

Global services and support

The global services team are on hand to help your customers launch quickly, migrate data and train their teams as well as offering round-the-clock support.


Why work with Climb

At Climb, we pride ourselves on our in-depth product and vendor knowledge. Our Business Development Team can support you by offering product demos to the end-user, expand your opportunities and rapid responses on your customers questions.

Yvonne Prest is our Panzura Business Development Manager and here for any questions you have around the portfolio or services we offer.

Get in touch with her today by filling in the form or giving her a call on +44 (0) 1364 655 200


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