Security Compass

Empowering teams to build secure software by design.

Security Compass, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, enables organisations to shift left and build secure applications by design, integrated directly with existing DevSecOps tools and workflows. Its flagship product, SD Elements, helps organisations accelerate software time to market and reduce cyber risks by taking an automated, developer-centric approach to threat modelling, secure development, and compliance. Security Compass is the trusted solution provider to leading financial and technology organisations, the U.S. Department of Defense, government agencies, and renowned global brands across multiple industries.

Security by design

Secure Development

Build and release secure software without impacting the speed of delivery.

Threat Modelling

Mitigate cyber risks at scale with developer-centric threat modelling.

Application Security Training

Application Security training enabling developers to build and release secure software.

Security Requirements

Instant access to expert resources frequently updated by in-house teams of researchers.

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