Vast Data is an innovative storage company that has broken 30 years of price versus performance trade-offs with All-Flash performance, writes at 3D XPoint speeds, reads at NVMe speeds, scales to millions of IOPS, and terabytes per second.

Along with their ability to archive cost efficiency and engineer at every level to deliver unrivalled system efficiency. With exabyte scale-file and object storage scale to meet any application or capacity agenda, enabling them to meet the needs of the more demanding workloads.

Use Cases


VAST Data breaks the decades-old tradeoff between storage performance and storage capacity with a new storage system architecture that enables unlimited processing on exabyte-scale, affordable flash. With Universal Storage, organisations never need to saddle users with the complexity of choosing different storage classes. Everything is fast, affordable and scalable. 

Data Analytics

With its unique Disaggegated and Shared-Everything (DASE) architecture, VAST has re-thought every aspect of storage system design to break all the tradeoffs of DAS and shared-nothing architectures, delivering a system that provides unprecedented price-performance and exabyte scale. The result is a highly scalable and affordable all-flash, file and object platform that allows you to run petabyte and exabyte scale analysis at less than half of the cost of traditional all-flash solutions, while being many times faster.

Deep Learning

Vast combines the single-host performance and scalability of a parallel file system with the simplicity of an all Flash NAS appliance. By marrying the performance of Flash with economics that are otherwise only found in HDD-based archive storage, VAST enables AI applications to consolidate infrastructure and accelerate the training and inference time.

Enterprise Backup and Recovery

VAST Data's revolutionary Universal storage enables organisations to restore 50x faster than legacy PBBAs and restore entire IT estates in real-time. Combining hyperscale flash storage with breakthrough levels of storage efficiency and data reduction, VAST makes all-flash restores an affordable reality for system operators seeking to future-proof and fortify their data protection agenda.

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