WinZip® is now part of the Alludo family.

WinZip is trusted by millions of businesses and consumers to boost productivity, simplify file sharing, and keep information private. Offering apps for all of today’s most popular platforms and devices, WinZip gives users a better way to manage and share files in the cloud, email, and instant messaging. The WinZip product line also includes powerful utilities to improve system performance and help keep Windows and Mac PCs secure.

Use Cases

File Encryption

Complete file management including file encryption to secure information and data. Share large files by email, cloud-services, social media or instant messaging.

Performance Optimisation

Increase your performance by removing junk files, preventing your computer from crashing, and extending your battery life.


A key tool to help improve and increase productivity with break time reminders, automation, and one-click file backup.

FeaturesWinZip StandardWinZip ProEnterprise
Files Shared to Me folder
Support for Windows Environmental Strings
Seamlessly switch between Windows Explorer and WinzIp
Quick access to recent contacts
WinZip SafeShare
WinZip Duplicate File Finder

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